I stared at the Windows, completely in awe.
No curtain nor draping nor hint of a flaw.
A world made of vistas that boggle the mind;
It's more of a Gate-way with treasures to find. But is that a bug that alit on the screen?
Disrupting my journey, now what can that mean?
Don't tell me the rumors have proved to be true,
Would anything cure it? I haven't a clue! No virus, thank goodness, just merely a bug.
Why even Bill Gates would give merely a shrug.
I'll have to be patient; await a new day,
When Windows evolves and dispels my dismay. I'll open the Windows for better or worse;
And upgrade the "circuits" while lightening my purse.
I may go so far as to empty my "cache;"
now let's hope, please God, that my Windows won't crash.

by Mason G. Senft

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