Windows Down

If it where only you and me
We would be different
Then how we have become
So many years later
Tied to our responsibilities
A life we wanted but could never have know
The sacrifices we would have to make

I can imagine it
It feels like one those rare nights
When you can drive with all the windows down
The wind blowing your hair around
The music blazing as you sing along

Something comes over me
And for those brief moments
I can imagine myself
Being swept away
With what could only be called bliss

It is the freedom of all responsibilities
Pushed back in a time gone by, young again
For these moments I am lost
In these thoughts

Imagining that we can reclaim this once again
As we head into this new chapter of our life

I think it will look different
Then I imagine it now
But I hope it is still filled with
That feeling you get when
Driving with the windows down and the music blaring

by Linda Engwall

Comments (3)

I reckon the engine is revving as I write. Enjoy the next chapter as much as I enjoyed reading this! !
A poignant message of pained unfulfillment.......vividly expressed!
I love the metaphor you use here. You've really captured and embodied the ideas you express in your writing. Great job