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Windows In Heaven (Children)
C.J. Heck (August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Windows In Heaven (Children)

I know sometimes that clouds bring rain,
in wintertime it's snow,
and spring is good because it makes
the pretty flowers grow.

I know that God is everywhere
and angels all have wings,
that dogs can't talk and bunnies hop
I know so many things.

But why do daddies go away?
It makes kids and mommies sad.
Are there windows up in Heaven?
Did I do something bad?

My Mommy said it's not like that...
that children all are good.
Sometimes daddies just can't stay
even though we wish they could.

She said Daddy loves me most of all,
not to think he doesn't care
... and he sees me from the windows.
God just needs him more up there.

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Comments (4)

Wow......just Wow, ......
Makes me think of my father.Everyone of us is someone's child.
C.J., I loved this poem so much! Being a father and being away from children is hard but for some reason I found comfort in this poem. It said to me that even though I am away I have a purpose a higher calling and that one day we all reunite with love ones. I loved how it was seen through a childs eyes. Thanks for bring me up and making this day better. Oh Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year! Kevin
Chillingly powerful. Gives me goosebumps. S