Windows Of Departure

Looking out of windows of departure stained with tears
throughout the ages.

Forgotten memories taken away by death in it's strangle-

Staring out into spaces unfilled with any signs of life,
skilled towards the devastation of conception.

Traveling to unknown destinations on trains of discord,
following prejudicial ironies of old.

Pressing keys of a nonexistent harmony, wondering at
the lack of any response.

Lapsing into a daily fog, furling itself around entire
brains, erasing every memory ever thought or experienced.

Grasping at thin air with the last few remaining breaths,
sadly sorrowful, head bowed low, remembrance of loved ones
lost long ago.

No longer standing on the opposite shore, waiting, waving
good bye as final moments wash upon the sands and tides
of death.

Life no longer existing, pulled by the undertow of death's
tight hold.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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