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Winds Of My Mind

The cool and chilling winter winds,
that whistle round my mind.
Are oh so unforgiving,
as my thoughts start to unwind.
Of bitter pent up memories,
and visions from the past.
The spinning, churning turmoil,
around me shadows cast.
For darkness comes to haunt me,
and will not let me go.
It tortures waking moments,
and sleep, it comes so slow.
So i try to shake theses winter winds,
that whistle round my mind.
And stop my life from running off,
and leaving me behind.

Heath Gunn

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This is a fantastic poem. Great rhyme and meter. Only two small things detract, both in line thirteen (unlucky number?) : 1) You should always capitalize the word I when referring to yourself. 2) There is such as word as THESES (It's the plural of THESIS) but I think in this case you meant to say THESE. Again, wonderful poem and congratulations on having it selected as Poem of the day!
Congrats on this poem, and getting poem of the day!
It's really mind blowing! It chilled my mind and unwind my thoughts too!
masterfully written poem
A great poem Heath, soulful and I can relate. Thank you.
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