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Windswept Wanderings.

Weighed down by her baggage
heavy laden & bursting at the seams
dreams of freedom fill my mind
entwined by her grip
her fingers slip around my neck.

Feeling used and abused
she accused me of not pulling my weight
love turns to hate.

She struts her stuff
“Enough is enough! ”
I call her bluff
no maybes, ifs or buts
spilling my guts
I take my’ chance
And without a second glance
I tearaway & make my break.

Intoxicated by the summer breeze
I seize the day.
Swaying through the hot, dry streets,
meeting and greeting
fleetingly feeling high
I start to fly,
with the wind beneath my wings
my heart sings.

Night turns to day,
I sway through the Esplanade
along the penny arcades,
spirits reviving,
ducking and diving
looking both ways before crossing the road.
I strode along the sand
then hand over hand
cart wheeling and feeling like a child
wild and out of control.

The rolling tide beckons me with a wave,
craving excitement
I dance along the shore
a growing rapport with the roaring sea.

Scaling new heights
the cold wind bites,
frozen to the core, I soar
fighting for all I’m worth
to breakaway from the surf.
Hitching a ride on the trolley car
going far and wide-eyed
gliding up the cliffside
I spied the Valley Bridge ahead.

Lead like a lamb to the slaughter
I resist the desire
to be a high flier,
come hell or high water
I ought to have seen
between the lines
the signs were there to see
fleeing from certain death
bereft of hope I slope away.

I catch my breath,
before me lies
a sight for sore eyes
her beauty belies her strength
kept at arms length
all who admire her, desire her!

Entranced by her elegance,
nature in the raw,
her bare naked allure
unsullied and pure.

Her fingertips rips my skin
caught in a spin,
my elastic nerves wearing thin,
aerial gymnastics
tripping the light fantastic,
whip lashing,
thrashing, blowing free,
just a plastic carrier bag
caught in a poet’s tree!

by Nikki Barker

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