An Appeal To The Vexations

As Vexations of the older kind leave our path
A new world of its own has to emerge.
A candle, a smile and a soothing word...
Ha! You and I feel like living a certain phase.

In the midst of furies bound onto us
Aren`t we helpless for along time dear ones? .
Then will flash the beams of this candle,
Blow the wind of the smile and echo the word.

Somewhere there lives a hope unknown to all
A dream begins to embrace our skulls
A sigh of relief is let out of our noses.
We may begin to wake up for ever?

by M.D Dinesh Nair

Comments (6)

I'm awoken, yet still unbroken. Running, Singing, Laughing, these are all the thing that are happening. THE END { LOVE THIS POEM}, or is this just beginning?
which words are stressed?
I'm a 2nd grader and got a 100 on the poem
I'm the very same - loved this as a kid. And use to imagine the horse galloping through the night. To this day I can recite this poem; almost a decade after first reading it.
What does the word HIGHWAY mean in this poem?
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