My Sweet Girl 2

My sweet beautiful girl
as I've sat here through
this evening and into the early night
reading a bit and then spending time
with my family playing a game
I thought of you at many points
and all the fun it would be
if you were here to join.
My sweet girl I want you here
because you fulfill me babe
and fill me with endless joy.
I wish you were here to spend time
and hold close to me as we enjoyed ourselves.

My sweet girl even the nights
where there wouldn't be much to do
would still be filled with light
and joy because I would be with you.
To just look at you and say you're beautiful
as I look into your eyes
and am filled with tinglings by your
big bright shining smile and the warmth
of all your endless love and strength.
I love you babe I so truly do
and you are the one I will continue on and fight for.
My heart and soul are always yours
and I'll stand by you forevermore.

My sweet girl as I go through everyday
I think of you and say please
come home so soon into my arms,
I love you more than anything
and not having you hurts like hell.
My sweet girl I so cherish you
and even on my most withdrawn days
I want to spend time just holding you.
I love you dear more than anyone can truly know
and I just want to share our lives
and everything important that we hold.
I love you dear and want to sweetly kiss
my sweet girl as we spend a fun night
hand in hand and arm in arm
talking away the many hours.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (7)

comparison between the poems windy night and meeting at night
I'm awoken, yet still unbroken. Running, Singing, Laughing, these are all the thing that are happening. THE END { LOVE THIS POEM}, or is this just beginning?
which words are stressed?
I'm a 2nd grader and got a 100 on the poem
I'm the very same - loved this as a kid. And use to imagine the horse galloping through the night. To this day I can recite this poem; almost a decade after first reading it.
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