Eyes of a crystal ball telling the untold
behold the truth which i try to withdrawl
that consience taunting me in the back of my mind

hence the word ventriloquist
with arms inside my back
don't motion my lips to speak against my will
for i will pay the consequences

so just let me be
let me suffer horridly
for good despite evil

by elena winters

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I'm awoken, yet still unbroken. Running, Singing, Laughing, these are all the thing that are happening. THE END { LOVE THIS POEM}, or is this just beginning?
which words are stressed?
I'm a 2nd grader and got a 100 on the poem
I'm the very same - loved this as a kid. And use to imagine the horse galloping through the night. To this day I can recite this poem; almost a decade after first reading it.
What does the word HIGHWAY mean in this poem?
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