Wine And Me

I would always love to go
In to a sort of subliminal lapse,
Since the day I fell
In love with sweet daughter of grapes,

Day in and day out,
I see her dancing inside a bottle;
On my wooden table, in the cupboard,
Sometimes, on flat surface of the mantle;

I rush to her any time,
When there comes from inside an urge;
By the pool side, in my room or on my bed,
A desire to meet her comes in a surge;

The glass sparkles around her,
As she needs to get melt within me,
I let her dance over my head
Weaving bubbles as are fresh from sea;

What charm she has!
I just let her go a little, a little,
I don't need she should vanish quick
As her tight hug makes my bones to rattle;

She takes me in her lap,
To a world free of care and worry;
I'm the king of a world of my own,
And bask in the shine of victory and glory;

Alas! She does not stay long
As long as I need her to stay;
My castle of gold crumbles before me,
When I get up for work at the start of the day.

@Tiku 2014

by Tiku akp

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Beautiful poem and yes, wine can do all that!