Im Not A Trophy

He was in it to win the gold.
To bad I didnt know, that I was the star of his sick show.
I said that our love had to grow, but he said that he knows.
He wants me for his sick greed and I just tell him to leave.
He said that the guys were right, and that I wouldnt put out after one night.
And that if he had me I would have been girl 63.
He had a reputation to up hold and he needed me in order to reach his goal.
I told him he was sick and twisted.
I just happend to wonder who were the girls that he got.
And did they know that they were in his horific show?
Im just glad that it wasnt me that became his trophy.

by erin ford

Comments (4)

very romantic - 10 at least
Ah, to be compared to wine...very romantic
Wine poems are the next best thing to a goblet of the real stuff. Did you read my poem, 'Wine? ' This one is nice, Willow Raynette
Well, leave me at least a 'corner'...LOL. this is very 'tasty'. I like 'Wine as a Woman. L