The Optimistic Eyes

An Optimistic Eye, An Optimistic Eye
Often It had a Story to Tell
For behind The Eyes It had a Different Tale.
All it needed was Justice so Desperately.
It were searching Justice So Honestly.
Never did the Eyes had Complaints about any one.
All it had Hope thar They will get Justice.
Those were the Eyes of One who lost their Loved ones.
Justice is What they were searching For.
The Eyes Trusted every one
But They smiled when
Difference was the cause.
The Eyes expected Unity
All they wanted was the People to Unite and Fight.
Sadly for the Eyes The Common men escaped from their real right.
Unite and fight then the Change will Apply.
Terrorists and Anti Social Elements are we should destroy.
I Proud to be Indian.

by Rohan Bendre

Comments (11)

Again this is more than extraordinary.......Valsa.......even when an infant, and in your cradle, you had a soul for poetry or else such a composition would have been impossible......Great imagination and great creativity....Full credit
They are the poems blooming in the fertile imagination A great poem on poetry.
hey, valsa! i enjoyed this. there are several phrases that particularly stand out- viewless wings floral cups balm applied on reeking wounds as bubbling wine in goblets served. i'm reminded that sometimes we see, we meet God in other people- the God who is Love. and if you haven't already read and perhaps commented on my piece, one poem, it's one i wrote with the poems and poetry in poemhunter in mind. glen
Like this lovely poem which brought me much delight Got all my senses tingling till the morning light Thank you wanton butterfly for this fantastic write
How poetry enriches the soul read and to write. I flew with your butterfly seeking and tasting those poems...and I too have found the most precious of gems penned so exquisitely from your pen. Those poems that swing you from the highest beams or throw you into the deepest profound sadness and I understand the hunger that returns ferociously.
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