Wine Of Wisdom

Hold your glass of life "and join me in a toast theirs plenty of fill to go around" perhaps we can make the most the scent of vintage is charged with the greatest of heights "so fill mine sister to the Brim "Because we have all day and night I seek no consel to enjoy my first sip.

I cheer! I sing! as I hold my grip "Give me another and make it your best shot " a great laugh " a good joke surely won't thicken the plot" I've made it I'm successful I can handle the highs and lows dog gone it "I've paid my dues in life so Brother let 'er rip and give 'er the goe's.

As I make my toast to life "Glass held high in the sky wisdom isn't necessary for such a simple reply" I Gulp it down from Bottom to top" my my words slurr just a little bit "But I didn't spill one drop "as I reach for my glass of life to taste the bitter with the sweet "I stagger stumble and fumble" But I'm still on my feet.

I'm coherent " and even Irrational "But I'm surely not the Blame" sinful wisdom "has indeed dishonor me" my language is full of shame "I've now exchanged my glass of wine and life and keep it filled halfway" and all the way with trust

That wine and wisdom and multable Blessings go hand and hand "in all Jehovah God's trust

by Cerdan Adrian Smith

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