HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

Wine's Truth: A Quandary Of Love

in vino veritas
so goes the phrase
& so t'would seem to be:

Mind can lie; heart cannot.
& when mind keeps heart
under lock & key
then wine can seem
a welcome thief
opening lock'd heart
letting it speak its truth.

Thus my quandary:
Because I love you
I long to hear those words,
so sweet, echo'd back to me.
But at its killing cost
a price too high
& one I'd never ask.

For your heart's true song
is known to me
& though I might wish
you could pick heart's lock
or someday your mind
be a willing key,
I'd rather have you
be icy cold to me
than cold & dead & I bereft:
The grave's no place for your beauty, love
nor for your kind & loving heart
You mean so much to me.

My curse, you see, is to love you.
(I have e'er since we met.)
& I know what your heart feels
though mind can never speak.
Which is why I've never
closed my own:
open my heart & vulnerable
it leaves me little choice.
For I can naught but love you
e'en with your heart's truth unvoiced.

& once cross'd over to other side
our masks & roles shall be
dropp'd like useless toys
freeing our shining spirits
who shall embrace & know true joy.
but as for now, that old saw's truth
must sustain me & suffice
as my heart alone shall sing her tune aloud
and I stand, Aphrodite's sacrifice.

(Copyright 1/13/06)

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Comments (6)

Great poem! ! I loved the last line and the line about the grave is no place for your beauty! !
enjoyed the quandary. the heart and mind forever at war and you've brought this truth to light again poetically. here's to the flagon of the grape which settles the score. and some Aphrodite can never hurt as well. cheers.
Hi Hugh, to me this poem sums up why I wrote Optimism Isn't Dead. One person's sorrow can be turned into joy for so many others. Thankyou for sharing these thoughts. Hugs Anna xxx
Beautiful Hugh...A poem of Aphrodite's deal to bless the heart, at the cost of toil, torture and tease would make another great poem! Thanks for sharing, always inspired... Angie
a narrative of utter honesty a confession spoken from the haert giving the world insight into agony and this gift shall not be in vain the truth of love penetrating every corner of the cosmos and in the end returning love a wonderful poem
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