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The Suicide

And this, ladies and gentlemen, whom I am not in fact
Conducting, was his office all those minutes ago,
This man you never heard of. These are the bills
In the intray, the ash in the ashtray, the grey memoranda stacked
Against him, the serried ranks of the box-files, the packed
Jury of his unanswered correspondence
Nodding under the paperweight in the breeze
From the window by which he left; and here is the cracked
Receiver that never got mended and here is the jotter
With his last doodle which might be his own digestive tract
Ulcer and all or might be the flowery maze
Through which he had wandered deliciously till he stumbled
Suddenly finally conscious of all he lacked
On a manhole under the hollyhocks. The pencil
Point had obviously broken, yet, when he left this room
By catdrop sleight-of-foot or simple vanishing act,
To those who knew him for all that mess in the street
This man with the shy smile has left behind
Something that was intact.

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This is a magnificent piece of poetry! Lofty expression that takes it flight from Nadir and transcends zenith! May I quote a few captivating lines here, ‘I might have kept the door open for long/Alas! All my words and fancies flew away/Like birds taking on wings into the sky/From a cage where they were imprisoned for long………….10
It has been awhile since I read this poem, but it still conveys the truest expression of a writer, reading this (and all your work) has a symmetry of language that is perfectly shaped. Your words are wings of eagles soaring as high and long with the best Valsa. now that you have made it to over 800 I can see you soaring higher. where stars meet the sky.
Typo: Please read as 400th poem (I beg your pardon for inadvertent typographical error)
Of late I knew that it is your 400th poems submitted to this august website (from your notes) ! Congratulation! This is really a masterpiece dear madam!
I might have kept the door open for long Alas! All my words and fancies flew away Like birds taking on wings into the sky From a cage where they were imprisoned for long . They are words that have been poured down from the heart
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