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Vacantly staring into the night sky
She saw big bellied clouds drifting away
Are they fleeing away from the luminous moon?
Or mercilessly driven out
After being robbed off everything?

Once again she looked at her expanding waistline
And felt the pulse of life beating within
It sent a lightning of terror through her
The chapters of her life flipped past her eyes
With several scenes reeling one by one

"You are my sky
The ascending star of my soul in the dawn
And the bough of my homing at night"
Those words that sent goose bumps all over
Now rattle in her skull like worthless coins!
Never had she thought she would be
Thus cruelly betrayed!

How she had once wished the time to stand still
Now she sighs seeing the needle of the clock
Crawling at snail's pace!
She thought the deserts of her life
Had been turned into grass lands
When did the cruel frost fall
To suck up all greenness, she fails to locate!
But she remembers clearly when she had fallen
From the perilous heights of the cliff
Into the precipitous depths of the ravine

It was in excitement, she confided to him
That his seed was growing inside her
Was it with disbelief or bitter annoyance
That he heard those words, not quite sure.
For days, she heard nothing from him
Though worried, she tried to light up hope
One day as a bolt from the blue,
She got a curt message from him
‘We now go our separate ways'

She felt drowned while diving for pearls!

With a mutilated heart, the star crossed girl
Lives on....
Without knowing the time winging away
And the curse of the dead albatross
Hanging heavily in her neck!

But she shall live...............
Live for the poor ‘bastard' growing inside!

by Valsa George

Comments (17)

Swimming in the sea of sadness is that story of brokenness and betrayal. You have captured this story with such excellence and eloquence Valsa! Well done!
lovely poem a favorite..10
A moving poem well rendered. The pain of betrayal and broken promises are presented in this write.10
The poem isn't long As love is never wrong...well done!
A reality of the world presented with deep observations from nature. The narration made so powerful like only you can do.
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