IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Wingless Flight

Wingless Flight

I sometime sit and wonder why
There are some birds which cannot fly.
The Emu and the Ostrich too
Remain earthbound as we have to

The penguins clad in black and white,
they too have lost the power of flight.
They do their flying in the sea
I don’t know why it puzzles me.

I have no wings I cannot fly
but if I had I would rise high.
Above the land, above the sea.
Instead of sitting miserably

confined by age to my arm chair.
My aching joints are hard to bear.
Despite my disability
I have the capability

To disregard reality
Immerse my self in fantasy
and fly to where I want to be.
I don’t need wings to carry me.

I travel at the speed of thought
to where the silver dragons sport
I do not need to leave my chair
imagination takes me any where.


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the power of the mind to set us free, to travel in a very light pack...very encouraging to those who doesn't have wings...great write.
a very nice encouragement of verses...a flight of ideas someone to carry on despite of disabity...great concept...thanks.. Ency Bearis