Poem By Velvet Astraea Dido

they are a pair
of unlikely butterflies
wings wide bright
cuddled in the night
one was blue
the other turns yellow by the light

as the clouds broke,
droplets of rain
dripped off their noses
collected in the gutters of their wings
one flew in a low temperance
one flew under a leaf

face sealed with grey dust
large eyes -
like pools of amber in a wasteland
he stared as the other fluttered
they were helpless
fall down to earth

as the other fell
the wet mud collected her
her blue wings forcedly opening
strugling, drowning.

from up north the other weeped
looked down below in disbelief
droplets turned to shower
and he couldn't bear it
any longer -

his yellow wings flung right through
diving... not caring...
but only thinking
of pulling up the other.
and so he tried, he dive
and in a split second
their eyes met

yellow wings covered the blue
they blended within the due
both their eyes now closed
both their eyes now dreaming
of that sunny summer day,
as they slowly melt away.

© 04.14.05

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