Wings Of A Angel

When sorrow is presented there's no alternative way,

Than to cry out to my Angel, who will save me another day.

When the tears slide down my face in vain,

My Angel is there to wipe away my pain.

Such a sweet caress they gently give,

For they too know the torture it is to live.

But as the day comes, we will hurt no more,

To accend to the clouds, like waves on the shore.

The wings of the Angels will fly us away,

Than to cry out to my Angel, to save my day.

Over time we will find what was gone,

Just the same, we will know all right from wrong.

But as hard as it is now, to let it go,

We will get to Heaven, my dream has shown.

To see the Angels decending from above,

To fix your broken heart of detatched love.

The night is spell bound with the Angels kiss,

To sweeten my dreams from pain to bliss.

And my tears will fall never more,

From my face, to the floor.

And through this depression I have been strangled,

But nevermore, with the wings of the Angels.

by Ruth warren

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I am convinced that prayer and the guidance of my gaurdian angel, has freed me from the black world of depression. I had suffered for many a year from it. But today, I see the world in a beautiful light! Every day I thank my angel and God! ! Ruth, your poem means so much to me! A ten. God Bless!