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Wings Of The World
RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Wings Of The World

Hopeful heart helping hands,
Together in life we stand by our land.
Equilty and Justice the American flag,
The Lady Liberty in her glory and purpose for man kind.

Freedom, humanity and kindness to all,
We all have apart in the stream of it all.

God gave us life to bring purpose to his world,
He gave us Wings in his waking to guide our souls through this world.

Never is his moments did he wish to cause us pain,
If anything he died just to ease our pain.

Fewer men have lived to watch what once was know as mankind,
And fewer have lived to see sunsets that awaken even the most subborn of pride.

Take what wings he gave you and guide yourself home,
Bring heaven to your heart and let him know you are apart of this world.

Say a pray for those who may have gone in this faceless deed,
And watch them fly homeword towards the heavens and the seas.

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