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Wings Over The Ocean
DK (1951 / UK)

Wings Over The Ocean

Wings over the ocean
Footprints in the sand.

Quiet voices in the softest breeze
Feet balancing on land.

Gentle thoughts and gestures
No voyage as yet planned.

Wings over the ocean
Then soaring o'er dry land.

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The yearning to be free and yet always anchored.I wrote a poem called Song To A Drifter.A ten from me.
so peaceful and magical. this has been on my favorites list forever, but im just now getting around to commenting on it! : P i can be so spacey...but yeah i love this. great flow and rhythm. feel special: 'wings_over_ocean' is my msn sign-in name. >.< i have such a wierd way of showing my appreciation for a poem, ya know? but seriously. this is one of my most favorite inspirational poems. i think its because its so simple, its not actually telling you to go live out your dreams and soar to new hieghts, it just makes want to do that. so, awsome job here. hearts gina :)