ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Wings To Fly. My Babies

As we grew my our wings to fly.
Please don't question God why.
Don't think he is unkind Mummy,
We were choosen for grater things.
Our work Is in Heaven above.
To be your Guardian Angels.
Sending down our love.

We know you are sad Mummy.
But we are, with Jesus
And he sings us lullabies.
We watch you every day Mummy.
And we see you cry.

Mummy we wish you wouldn't cry.
we are waiting here in heaven.
And when you come home Mummy,
We will run to you.

Mummy please don't be sad.
Mummy please don't cry.
We are with Jesus and he sings us lullabies.

(Archie and Emmy)

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