VW (17-04-1969 / India)

Winner’s Scope

A winner is always at hunt
His shot hits the nerves
Divulge – ‘Tough as Odd Boots’
'Truth' explodes, bitter forever
They tease 'you are different'
Unaware that they are 'indifferent'
Clad in the name of creative critics.

Winner proves he prevails over
Ready to face the wrath with a prize
Rides on the loser’s enigma
Whether literature or culture
Winner is seldom the favorite at home.
Home gets exposed through Winners Surf.
Exception if prevailed, a priceless honor.


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Comments (5)

They who stands atop the mountain of achievement...will always be the hunted one....Darwin might even agree with that rationale, if he were here, to say so... I like the language that shapes & drapes this poem with fresh lesson & logic...and wrapped in a foil of metaphor...'Tough as old boots'....Astute employment of catch-phrase vernacular....Fine Work, indeed, Vidi! F j R 2009
interesting title, thought provoking poem, last stanza in particular. Mamta
Amazing composition, a thought provoking lines have been expressed well...Great.10+++
Yes, very much true in the world of today!
a bitter truth well expressed...a fact that won't be 'home' that easy! ...good meaningful write, Vidi...10