Hide Behind Your Mask

I dont't know what to do now
Should I stay or should I run?
Truthful words become too broken
It doesn't matter
This damage can not be undone
Through all the chaos
It's hard to realize just what is right to do
But no matter what happens to me now
I know I'll make it through
Because I know it wasnt right
But I don't know what went wrong
And although I'm still here now
I wont be here for long

Everyday is a constant battle
I feel like giving up
I've got to keep on fighting
Because your pressence makes me corrupt
And now here we are
It's time to take off your disguise
And witnessing your downfall
Will also be my demise
Because even though I'm leaving
Inside I still want to stay
But since you got inside my head
You just wont go away

Now silent thoughts are left unsaid
But I'll just bite my tongue
It's clear now that I cant stay
There's nothing left to do but run

by Matt Enrage

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