Leaves burning color,
now down on the ground
while dew frosted windows,
make crackly sounds
within sheltered places,
we call home
where family sleeps safe,
cosy and warm

One morning we'll waken,
to blankets of snow
and see children's faces,
turned a glow
with excitement and awe,
as they see their terrain
transformed to a wintry,

Awakening this spirit,
can make you twinkle
whether you are young,
or have lots of wrinkles
It begins with a tingle,
then like an ember
kindles inside you,
until you remember
the awe of our own,
wintry impressions
that got tucked away neatly,
until December!

Copyright ©2004

by Adryan Barnathan

Comments (1)

Do you know adrienne, i have never seen snow, but during reading your poem I felt like i had, that is good poetry regard's AJS