White Flag, Black Dog

Silent screams, in daytime dreams, tis my confession
The shutdown, the contrition, the final submission
I waved the white flag; as the brain functions lag
The tyranny of depression and its shameful gag

Involuntary nerves usurp my transmission
Adrenaline floods my guts with no remission
My emotional crash, the physical backlash
The black dogs bite; reality blight, night fright
Tis withholding my decision to fight or flight

From the alcohol prop; to the mental shop
The chemical cosh; the bish, bash bosh
A powerful force, with no mental discourse
Just a lethargy gag, weakness and remorse

Subjugate your thinking, not ruminate your thought
Purge your self-pity, enjoy the catharsis it brought
Feel strengthened by experience, the lesson it taught
I waved the white flag and the black dog I sought
And, never again will I ever be caught? ? ?

by Luke Arthur

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