Winter Breathed Upon My Heart

Winter breathed upon my heart,
and it was shaken cold,
Frozen fibers rushing in my veins,
Made it feel so uncontrolled.
white blankets lie across the floor,
while my mind was shaken grey,
wonderment falls from the heavens,
and my thoughts fall out from this day.
Flowing freely through my blood stream,
I had to shift my feet around,
my body was turning to a sculpture of ice,
to this path I’d forever be bound.
I felt my arms growing stiffer
my hands I couldn’t move about,
if I didn’t soon break the tension,
I was never going to break out.
So I thrust my hand outward,
I took a step towards the trees,
and with that I defeated,
the heartless winter breeze.

by Jessica D. Hernandez

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