LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

' Winter Chill

There is a heaviness in the silence.....
Crystal flakes descend
Like a million tiny diamonds
Spilling from the heavens;
I can almost hear them falling.....
Whispering through the chilly air
Landing softly all around me,
Covering signs of autumn's demise;

There is a heaviness in the silence.....
Creeping across meadow and woods,
Creating a winter wonderland
Of broken branches, dead trees
Now snuggling beneath a snowy blanket
Preparing for a long winter's nap;
Drowsiness descends upon me
As I, too, anticipate sleep;

And I become one with the snow,
With the trees, the frozen earth
And the heaviness of the frosty air
As it enters my lungs and stings my nose;
Mesmerized by the pure majesty
Of winter's pristine beauty,
Of new fallen snow glistening
In the fading light of a smoldering sunset;

There is a heaviness in the silence.....
And a heaviness in my soul.


by Linda Ori

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