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RVS (October 6,1950 / New Jersey)


(with a few things from Anne Sexton)

I've already walked from breakfast to madness
I've already gotten sick on studying morse code
and drinking coffee with milk
I can't do without Elisabeth
why did you fire her madam doctor?
what harm was Elisabeth doing me?
I only like Elisabeth
to wash my hair
I can't stand to have you touch my hair doctor
I only come here doctor
for Elisabeth to wash my hair
only she knows the colors and scents and thickness
I like in shampoos
only she knows how I like the water almost cold
running down the back of my head
I can't do without Elisabeth
don't try to tell me that time heals all wounds
I was counting on her for the rest of my life
Elisabeth was the princess of all the foxes
I needed her hands in my hair
ah if only there were knives for cutting your
throat madam doctor I'm not coming back
to your antiseptic tunnel
once I was beautiful now I'm myself
I don't want to be a ranter and alone
again in the tunnel what did you do to Elisabeth?
Elisabeth was the princess of all the foxes
why did you take Elisabeth away from me?
Elisabeth doesn't work here anymore
is that all you have to say to me doctor
with a sentence like that in my head
I don't want to go back to my life

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Such a lovely excellent image in this poem makes readers to feel that cold and watching out from your window too,10++ from me for this lovely piece of work..
Simple and lovely. The hands of winter could be chilly and death. Thanks for sharing
outside we've got drifts as tall as me, and it's all kinds of cold. Your penning is perfect, like looking right out the window. Pretty good writing there. tyfs
Yes RoseAnn, Life is a mixed bag. Spring is here, winter has not left us, A good poem reflecting reality,
Spring is here, yet winter has not left us. Nicely portrayed and communicated.
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