(22.11.1944 / Nottingham, England/live in Australia)

Winter Comes...

Where once the spring
Shone in our faces,
Tugged at our heart-strings
Danced at our traces,
Now there are chills,
Portents inside us,
Shadows from far-off hills
Now walk beside us.

Love came and went,
Followed its calling,
Left us to rue the chance
Glance of each falling,
Tears followed laughter,
Sadness brought pain,
Love flowed down gutters
With every spring rain.

What of the children
Laughing beside us?
Spring turned to summer
And quickly denied us;
Scorched our intentions
And scratched all our itches;
Where are the children now?
Hedgerows and ditches!

So much for summer, one
Long dissipation,
Autumn leaves spiral
And pile desolation,
Deep in our hearts those old
Tears are still falling,
Dark clouds are gathering
As winter comes calling.

15 March 2008

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