TBP ( / Streator, Illinois)

Winter In Cape Cod

Wendy stood on the catwalk of Highland Light.
Intense was her stare into the approaching night.
Now through eyelids closed to a narrow slit,
The horizon was scanned to find Harold's ship.

Enveloped in her warm wrap, to stave off the cold.
Reaching deep inside herself Wendy sighed, even moaned.
In seconds her eye focused on the lightkeeper's moored boat,
Nestled between the rough waves, just barely afloat.

Cautiously her mind wandered to recall Harold's touch.
Ah! she now thought, if only I had not loved him so much
Perchance it would not have hurt that he sailed away.
Edging the ship out of this beautiful Cape Cod Bay.

Could it be so that Harold will never come back?
Out of her pained heart came the sad plan of attack.
Diving headlong into the last rays of the gray twilight,
Wendy ended her pain, by mournfully ending her life.

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