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Winter Memoirs
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

Winter Memoirs

Poem By Danny Speicher

See the snow falling
See the ground, so white
See the stars glistening
In the cold winter night
Feel the damp air
Feel the wind blow
Feel your heart dropping
Along with the snow
Hear the bells ringing
Hear the trees rustle
Hear the cars pass
Caught in the hustle
Smell the pie baking
Smell the fresh mint
Smell the hot chocolate
Take in its scent
Remember your family
Remember your friends
Remember your loved ones
Before your life ends
Always leave trails
Where you have been
For those who come after
Will remember you then
Don't take for granted
All the joy in your life
For it can quickly be replaced
By heartache and strife

((December 13th,2000))

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