Loving A Friend

Loving a friend

People often say
Love hurts,
I say
Loving a friend hurts the most
Once you love your friend you automatically play Russian roulette on the friendship.

Loving a friend
Biblically unforgivable sin
Programmatically taken as a bug
If all doesn't go well

We were once strangers,
Then you bread me with your life experiences
Got obese with knowing you better,
That gravitated me closer to you

Then we became friends,
We shared how we going to cross the bridge of life to the brighter side
In the near future
We had fun, my world got to be your world vice versa

Lastly I fell for you
My feelings turned to be a washing powder
As they cleaning away the friendship

As much as I try to run away from admitting my love for you
It's like shaving my beard once and hope it will never grow again yet it's impossible
As much as I trying to be your friend
I keep injecting abyss of torture to myself

Whenever I am with you……
I can't express how I feel about you
Because I turn mute
I can't write how I feel about you
Because I turn to be illiterate

Is loving a friend a good thing or bad?

by Katlego Rasegwete

Comments (13)

This plodding life! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
beautiful memories...to recall
Absolutely exquisite. Beautifully nostalgic and descriptive. I actually welled up. The last two lines grasp. Brilliant
...The icy spears were adding to their length Against the arrows of the coming sun, ... Beautiful imagery confronting the brilliant metaphor. Excellent touch of conscious.
Spring always arrives with sun When rays reach grass The land gets stewed So in this way Thoreau means stew hence stewed.
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