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Winter Nectar
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Winter Nectar

The rain subsides,
There is flurry of snow.
The joyful beginning of a story,
My life blessings remain untold.

Where people brace the wind,
And children delight.
There are frantic strangers.
Finding hope, in glittering wrappings.

A present for you,
Is like the fragrance of a flower.
And I see people scurrying,
Taking precious moments with you.

I sit in quiet reflection,
As December draws near.
And the tinsel moment,
I felt in autumn is now a reality for me.

The early bird sings,
And delights me once more.
Rustling of leaves, no more.
I hear the music of the notes.

I hear this beat of my drum,
That says sing along, and hum.
Know I am here.
I will always be here.

(Monday,24 September 2007 Bolton, UK)

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