IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Winter Night For Friend Hunter

Though almost imperceptibly. The snow was falling steadily,
unruffled by the slightest breeze. To coat the branches of the trees,
with layers of the purest white, which sparkle in the pale moonlight.
The contrast pleasing to my eyes. Beneath the trees a blanket lies
as yet a flimsy covering which is slowly thickening.
The snow continues relentlessly but quietly and stealthily.
The winter will remorselessly alter existing scenery.
Cover the faults and flaws with snow, assisted by the winds which blow.
When night departs and morning breaks, spread far and wide the fallen flakes.
Until the world appears to be as far as human eye can see.
A pristine expanse of pure white: a truly awe inspiring sight.
Which waits to greet us when we rise, a sight too bright for human eyes.


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Comments (3)

Lovely Ivor a pleasure to read, your work is changing your words are taking on a life of their own. really lovely. regards Ann
Thankyou Ivor for a beautiful piece of poetry capturing what the eye did see 10 Chris
Hi Ivor. Nice to read your poetry again. I liked this; I saw the white blanket of snow on the ground whilst reading this. I do like to wake up to see it. You described it well, my friend. Top marks. Fran xxx