Winter Night’s Going (From 'Meet The Moments')

Day and night still in wintry frost
With pathways to coming spring
Soon the cold shall be crisscrossed
With the coming birds that will sing
Love songs to the newborn green
Filling the air with fresh tones bright
Now is the road to the in between
Soon winter will lose its dimly flight

The dark is going into vivid dawn
With freshness of young that's near
Icily lines of starry deep far-off gown
Soon shall be out of sight from here
Streets of the snow once so glowing
Filled again with daydreams of new
Green leaves of fragrance and growing
Until they come once more through

Day and night in summer to dream
Pending now near from the faraway
Love that's lost comes like a beam
Into hours of the new-fangled day
Giving hope that folds to somewhere
With each door opening up clearly
Welcoming to care for close and near
Springtime and summer I love dearly

by Peter S. Quinn

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