October Landscape

It's over -
The orgiastic frenzy of a brutal sky.
In the restive fields now ripple
Wave after green wave.

The white of the kohua
Breaks the lull of an inky sky.
An autumn sky whispers -
There's a season for every poem.

In every crease of descending light
A revelation.
With every emotion
Awakens a word…

[Kohua is a kind of river reed with fluffy white flowers]

by Hiren Bhattacharyya

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Comments (3)

I think every gardener knows this feeling
Another great poem with such vivid imagery. Feel as if I'm sitting on the other end of that couch waiting fr her to throw me the finished catalog! What a talented poet!
Yay for this poem that uses fruit and flowers without cliche! this one makes me smile AND sigh(and look forward to Spring) .