The Wind

I stand, alone
feeling the breeze flow all about me
It whispers softly into my ears
Telling me stories of stories of long ago
I stand, quietly
dreaming of the day I will see you again
I hear your voice in the wind
softly telling me to continue
I stand, remembering
when you told me of how
you would be with me even when you were gone
telling me of your love through a whisper
I stand, crying
as the wind gently strokes my hair
and kisses my cheeks
telling me you loved me once... and always
I stand, alone in the wind

by Star Dream Holiday

Comments (3)

I think every gardener knows this feeling
Another great poem with such vivid imagery. Feel as if I'm sitting on the other end of that couch waiting fr her to throw me the finished catalog! What a talented poet!
Yay for this poem that uses fruit and flowers without cliche! this one makes me smile AND sigh(and look forward to Spring) .