Winter's Masterpiece

Gently, Innocently, the snowflakes fall to the ground;
Quietly, Shyly, Virginal;
Everywhere to be found. Beauty, Enchanting, dancing merrily;
A mysterious sort of dance; seeking joyfully -
Forming nature's miracles by chance. Silently, Tranquilly; Nature's way of Art transformed;
Setting the stage for a Production of Drama
Fireside, Love, Romance - Warmth. "Untouched" beauty, changing shades of greens & browns to white;
Envisioning stories of a silent nature.
Mother Nature's way to Express her plight. A Masterpiece of Unknown talent; expressing one's unrest,
Yet, content - A "Beauty" formed by one whisper of the breeze
To mankind - A gesture to please. Winter's Masterpiece; pleasure in a child's eyes -
Once transfixed, capturing your subconciousness;
One's imagination; leaving "restful" thoughts far behind. Nature's Professional painting; forming a chill to run
through your spine -
A reminder of the Natural Occurrences of Life's expectancies;
Harmless" at birth, turned into tragedies, occasionally by man. Winter's Masterpiece to Mankind; A peaceful offering -
To do with as one sees fit; But - Not to be of a destructive nature;
A picture of Serene Tranquility; Uncanny; the forceful
destruction to man's wit. Untouched by beauty, formed by Crystallization -
Individual pictures to develop by one's own processional mind
Winter's own Masterpiece - One of a kind.

by Brenda S. Landers

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