Answer Me

why won't i bleed out
why won't it end here
why can't i die right now
why does this have to hurt

why did it end this way
could we not be saved
why do you ignore me
because of you my heart is broken and unhealable

you couldn't just leave
you had to make sure it hurt
you put the knife in
and twisted it
you pulled it out and did it again

painfully unbearable is you and her
that should be me
making you smile, bringing you happiness
laughing at your lame jokes and planning our future together

it doesn't seem like your gone
like you ever left
why dose your presence still haunt me
why do you meet me in every dream i have
why do you have such an effect on me
why did you cheat
was i not good enough

you refuse to answer these
i don't think you have a good explanation
I'm begging you
answer me please

by jordan russell

Comments (2)

Give her outrageous life style I can believe she would occasionally sit back and contemplate the latest married man [not married to her] and wonder if all the hullabaloo was worth it- -that makes her wish for southern climes far from the madding crowd.... but then the men had money and she didn't have to work and they would pay for the publication of her poetry. She wields a graceful pen but there doesn't seem to be any real sustenance in her lines.
One of the most beautiful and thoughful poems. Not sure why the low rating but rated this a 10. Thanks for posting.