Really? I Deserve This?

Tell me my leaders
How low shall you stoop?
Humiliate me like a homeless man
As if to you I was nothing!
I agree I might be a nobody
To you - but remember, good sirs
I sat and suffered in dungeons
Whule you enjoyed the life that I fought for -
Your life!
Tell me my leaders,
Is it too much to ask for?
To be treated like the elder I truly am?
Even at the dinner table i eat the crumbs
Of the very bread I toiled for!
And after that I get to use the black napkin.
Tell me young man,
Do you really think I love being respected?
Or treated and given the red carpet?
But do I really deserve what I'm getting?

by Kimani wa Mumbi

Comments (4)

How beautifully expressed!
(Winter Solitude by Matsuo Basho.) **Winter theme- the color of gray: it’s all about the cold and wind and seclusion, etc.
about the 'qualities' of Japanese haiku, according to Blyth: '' It is not merely the brevity by which [the haiku] isolates a particular group of phenomena from all the rest; nor its suggestiveness, through which it reveals a whole world of experience. It is not only in its remarkable use of the season word, [..] Its peculiar quality is its self-effacing, self-annihilative nature, by which it enables us, more than any other form of literature, to grasp the thing-in-itself. ''
so simple, so deep, so beautiful..