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Winter Sonnet: Awaiting The Iraq War
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Winter Sonnet: Awaiting The Iraq War

Snow of innocence, cover this fallen world.
Your blanket blots, in purifying white,
And blurs, our human legacies of blight.
Hail, flurry-flying flag of peace unfurled!

Oh, stop us in our common rush to war,
Our daily rounds that drive us all askew!
Blizzard the footprints of the past with new
Fields of such unity as no boot will mar.

Your mantle over all created things
God from His thoughtful, furrowed brow lets fly
Down through the grey, impenetrable sky,
Connectedness—White Revelation—brings.

Put to sleep our angry flames of violence.
Freeze us, even, till we hear Your Silence.

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Comments (4)

This is amazing and I feel that it is words such as these that can really make the world a better place.Love Duncan
This is a truly splendid poem. Congratulations, and thank you for writing it, Max. Your sentiments are mine...
excellent! It appears stronger than your free verse efforts...
Truly a beautiful poem.