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Winter Sunset

warm winter overtones
of a sunset's glow
poet paints deep emotions
of an epoch's passing
knows that worlds grow
each, their own hopes
welcoming new coming.

flow of humanity, watching
many sunsets: many rising dawns
dipped in vibrant tones
creation's pulsing life force:
all art, power, ambition, dim low
besides nature's selections:
life's obscure source.

Panmelys 2000

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A beautiful painting and in some ways a great nostalgia washes over me reading this. We have so many new beginnings which turn into false starts. A very painterly poem like a Turner in its vibrancy. I felt I was touching the sunset.BB
Beautiful poem. Agree very much that there is a unifying power in the beauty of nature. A sunset touches our soul and it is our soul who fully understands that we are all connected. I Love it