TMC (1975 / Philippines)

Winter Wren In Four Parts

Fall 2007

I think of you, little winter wren
Sitting on the palm of my open hand.
You with broken wing and sweet mournful song.
Not knowing whether you'll stay or go.
But holding you until that day
When strength and resoluteness
Will rekindle a deep deep ripple
And send you off in soulful flight
To worlds of new and yet unknown delight.

November 1,2007 / 8: 50 P.M. / Bowie, Maryland

Winter 2007

My little winter wren has taken flight!
I set you free to greater heights.
My heart breaks to see you go.
But I know deep down inside
That you were not mine to hold,
Nor to keep.

So I set you free with heavy heart,
And watch you soar until you disappear-
A bright tiny dot in the blue vastness of my soul

(November 9,2007/ Bowie, Maryland)

Spring 2008

In the early light of spring
As the morning sun
Stole away from its deep cold slumber
Comes a forgotten yet familiar song
Strong and clear
It beckons me to draw near.
I catch sight of him
Alighting on a dewy green branch.
He calls to me a hearty melody
His music embraces me fully
like the warmth of a new day
His notes like sweet rain showers
falling on the dry ground of my soul.
I dance together now in joyous time
to this song that we both hear in our hearts.

(March 19,2008/ 6: 35 PM/ Bowie, Maryland)

Winter 2009

Good bye, my little Winter Wren.
No longer to fly back to me.
For you have now found a nest
In which to rest.
Rest then and heal there.
And one day find the strength in yourself
To sing your sweet song
And to soar high once again.

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Beautifully optimistic. Thank-you, Tricia.