The Hill Wife

It was too lonely for her there,
And too wild,
And since there were but two of them,
And no child.

And work was little in the house,
She was free,
And followed where he furrowed field,
Or felled log.

She rested on a log and tossed
The fresh chips,
With a song only to herself
On her lips.

And once she went to break a bough
Of black alder.
She strayed so far she scarcely heard
When he called her -

And didn't answer - didn't speak -
Or return.
She stood, and then she ran and hid
In the fern.

He never found her, though he looked
And he asked at her mother's house
Was she there.

Sudden and swift and light as that
The ties gave,
And he learned of finalities
Besides the grave.

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Comments (14)

This is a heart-warming poem...a delightful read...a tender evocation of childhood memories...beautifully written!
Such a wonderful poem! Yes, I agree that such Winter memories never die!
It is REALLY a pretty poem makes you live the moments you are taking about. Your reading has been mixed with music you choose, so they give together a very nice tone. But actually i see that your dropped a word in the poem although your read it in your recitation, in stanza number five, line number one, (It seems just yesterday.....) it should to be as you read it (It seems just LIKE yesterday.....) I like it, thank you for sharing that with us.
A beautiful poem bringing in a train of sweet childhood memories of a blissful time! Yes, those memories never die, but surge in our mind now and then to sweep us back to a time of bliss and unalloyed joy when we lived under the loving care of our parents! Though its rendition I couldn't hear, I love the poem as it has evoked such strong memories in me! I invite you to read my poem Nostalgia..... almost similar in spirit!
............oh I loved this poem.....thanks so much for sharing this with me....hope your day is filled with many blessings....and your new year also :)
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