Wintry Crimson Morning Sky

As the road led to fire,
The heavens enraged as it was,
Winter taking all power,
Forcing fire out of its depths,
Taking away the warmth.

Leaving the rest of the day,
In sheer dullness and empty sounds,
But during that time,
Of lives ablaze and burning,
The sky glowered with this feeling.

Of crimson orange streaking across,
Looking like a burning sky ship,
Leaving trails of power,
In the morning mist and glory,
This wintry crimson morning story.

The clouds like barriers,
Taking the clouds anger and heat,
Only to be crossed, burned and destroyed,
The beauty however,
The mild winter chill and feeling.

Erupting emotions of wonder and anger,
As well as the beauty concealed,
Now to reveal the masterpiece,
The sky has hidden in darkness,
In vain and terror of when to reveal this revelation.

This madness in life, as well as bliss,
Contempt feelings that winter can burn,
Blazing and billowing,
Not on earth but in the freezing sky,
Tuning to life’s blaze, as life wakes.

The purple clouds nearing close,
Still trying to control the blaze,
Overridden though to the strength,
The extreme irresistible pleasure,
Beauty, joy, inexpressible in actions or words.

The winter feelings shaken,
The morning awake dazed,
Looking at this burning feeling,
The wisps never faulting,
The ships streaks never failing.

The sky dazzled at the,
The own, the own...inexpressible feeling,
The erotic emotions fluctuating,
Fluctuating at one hundred beats,
Violent changes, but all in happy despair.

The Wintry Crimson Morning Sky,
A change to take a note,
This change something so divine,
I heartfelt wrote,

That this occurrence is so very strange,
Brilliance, strategic fire,
Raging in skies of anger,
But peace also, and desire,
It can make someone cry.

The gleams and streaks raging,
The wintry sky divine,
Crimson filling hearts,
Wintry Crimson entwine,
Morning Sky wakes.

This picture cannot be described,
One picture is now bolted to my mind,
This gleaming memory is all I can write,
Before my mind starts to bite,
Telling me to erase this unknown.

Feeling and fluctuating emotions,
All connected to this picture of life,
Never straying to far or wondering,
That's why my mind is in deny,
Of this beauty that makes me cry,
Wintry Crimson Morning Sky.

The trees swaying,
Choir singing as winter arrives,
Morning welcoming this crimson,
For none can extravagantly die,
From crimson and fiery remains,
From the winter breeze and sheer chill,
Wintry Crimson Morning Sky... a beauty,
Of anger,
Fire ablaze,
A morning to never forget.

This winter I see heaven forbid and welcome,
Wintry Crimson Morning Sky...

by Viraj Bhanshaly

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