Wintry New Years

Winters always come each year
New years never die
They are born repeatedly since ages
each year we make resolutions
and we promise ourselves

I feel each year
we ought to find solutions
of our man made problems

War and words of sleight
Hate and Racialism
must now remain out of date

We must aim to remove over populating the planet
need to find succour for so many new mouths
this year over 3 million kids were born on Jan first
with medicine age will be reversed
we will never die
so more problems we ourselves will buy

try and think how to control
these mostly Eastern nations must think
the Western world has a higher standard
of health, wealth and quality of life
Easterner's still live in strife
With a burden of a large family
and a fully burdened lone wife

Think O people of the world
how not to population subscribe...

by me poet yeps poet

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Hey! I tried to find the poem you requested me to read but I could not find it. Perhaps I did not write its name down correctly. This is a very interesting poem here though. If only war and hate could be overcome by new years' resolutions and good wishes. But only hard work and conviction of every person on this planet will probably work.