PM (4th November.1988 / Lusaka)


Music has always been running through my head
The only thing I ever heard
And then I'd just sing along
But since you've come in my life
You are the only music I listen to
You are my favorite song
You have wonderful lyrics
And you have that kind of beat which I love
It's like my favorite song told you
All my tastes in music
I want to listen to the sounds you make
I want to hear you speak while I'm sleeping
You're my favorite melody
You say the most creative words
You always make a tear dropp fall from my eye
You're the number one song
You're in the top of my list
The reason why I sing along
Is my favorite song
My favorite song is you
So isn't it obvious
How much I love you?

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Comments (5)

Life is really full of adversities from birth to death..Thanks for sharing this thoughts to us.
My heart bleeds for you my fellow Christian brother in Christ Jesus! Life may not be fair, but God is good, and he really does care about his children!
great piece big up keep the fire fire burning
quite an emotional piece keep writing
this is very nice sir