Wisdom Calls

Poem By T. R. Crissian

this inst really a poem but all the same i hope you like it.

The world about me is in a river of darkness,
I wade my way through it and hold back desperate tears as I see the terrors, the trials,
Pain and suffering, death and hate, so heavy that it crushes out nearly all hope and love from every soul.

Screams assault my ears and I nearly faint from the horrors,
Don't these people know that there is One who can pull them out of this Devils Game?
They the people run and crash into polls and fall into pits,
They run in every direction that the Savior says not to go,
Don't they know their wrongs?

Terror clings to my skin like the dampness of a cave,
This terror is not my own but is the feeling of the people around me,
I call out and try to help but they push aside my advise like sour wine,
They trample my wisdom under their feet,
They do not understand that through all this pain and past it is a God who loves them.

So, here I stand by the street calling out,
And watching these helpless people trample one another,
Only helpless without God,
But He is there, and he loves them and that is why wisdom is given.
Wisdom may be given but you toss it aside,
Take it and treasure it,
Remember it,
And know that there is a God who loves you.

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