Wisdom ***** Catching The Dawn From The Island Of Abandon

I've been living in the island beyond my grasp
a home for me to live more........ or to abandon
the “in-between” decision that was truly mine
no influence nor coercion; no regrets nor intimidation

I've been seeking of being me
searching something of significance
finding walls of happiness even for a fleeting day
looking for an arm to caress and build up confidence

unmindful as I was longing for something
I blindly left behind my chief definite aim in life

for mental chemistry, survival, and salvation's sake
i had concluded, everyone will perish
and goes thru same stream
the neglected and with prosperity since birth
the oppressed and with promising youthful years
the abandon and those who die with prestige
i had confirmed
everyone goes thru same stream
birth, life and death
except the aborted fetus
lucky enough to scape worldly struggle

These are all human things, perishable materialism
the point of this poem is out there
pointing beyond the mournful nights of the mortals
where afterward earthly sufferings vanish forever
distress of being empty incites no more in seeking mind
where teary eyes, cry no more
while abandoning the tragic island of cursed mankind
while catching the immortal life of the
new upcoming dawn of salvation

Creator secure me more security of my soul

by Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

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