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The Bells Of Heaven
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

The Bells Of Heaven

Poem By Ralph Hodgson

Wisdom said 'I know what to do'
even if it terrifies you.
Courage said 'I have faith'
that wisdom carries with it, Your grace.
Temperance said 'a stiff drink will not do'
you have all you need already, it's true!
Justice said, nothing at all
as I naturally found I received
what was deserved
by my response to the need.

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Written like a true philosopher...amazing how you've smoothly moved in few words from one line to the next proving without a doubt that you truly are a man of wisdom and understanding...Courage, though, like Hope is a tough one as we all know from the Lion in the Old 'Wizard of Oz.'~~marci.xo