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Wisdom Of A Mad Man

Those who are happy
And those who are sad
Gather around and listen
To one who is mad.

I know not what I say,
But say what I know.
Lies and trust,
I’m sure they don’t go.

A happy smile,
And a passing of time.
It’s enough to convince others,
But not your own mind.

For actions should be thought,
But thoughts be alive.
Some things that I taught,
Are the things that shall thrive.

For living a lie,
Is like living without pants.
I can assure you,
That you don’t have a chance.

For others may smile
And nod your way,
But no one will take you seriously,
Or hear what you say.

Traveling with lies
Forever you shall roam
The truth it’ll leave
And you’ll be all alone.

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