Wisdom So Bountlful

So many stories told, from the beginning to the end,
generation's passing along their knowledge to the next of kin.
Each line written so long ago, meant to harvest in wisdom,
so much for you to know.
Our wise old earth tells of live's that have come to past,
every mountain, every valley, in every sun ray that is cast.
So freely is this wisdom, so bountiful everywhere,
just take the time to see and hear, the earth, her stories she spare's. An open mind receiving every word that is before,
taking in the wisdom from our earth's very core.
Many battle's on our land, many scar's amongst man,
a word of wisdom shared in the line's on every hand.
Wise is the one that live's with open ears,
never doubting stories that are passed down through the year's. Wisdom flow's so freely to all whom will allow it too,
being without wisdom, is to simply be a fool.

by Ruth warren

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